The Recap: Step up Step out and Shine

When I saw my twitter cousin, Africa Miranda was coming back to Chicago for her book tour I knew I had to go! Africa has always been a kind, beautiful spirit every time I encountered her whether it be online or In real life.  If you are new to the force that is Africa you can find out more here! (You are welcome)


The event took place at the UIC Forum and was hosted by the Chance Program at UIC which allows students to have numerous opportunities to grow their passions  WHILE in school. The hosts were current students and they had so many great questions for Africa on her book and just overall gems.


If you have ever been to Africa’s events, page or site you know how beautifully curated it is, so her event was no different.  Bright colors, fresh flowers, and just an overall great atmosphere!


Event Takeaways:

1. Everything will not be perfect AND that’s okay. Africa talked about always wanting and making things perfect and once she realized that things won’t always work how you want it to you have to keep it moving!

2. Do not let people put their own self-doubts on you.  (You shouldn’t travel alone, work that job, cut your hair etc.) Follow your own path!

3. Step out of your comfort zone. You ever wonder why shit don’t shake? Because you are comfortable! Step out and Do it, whatever it is!

4. Everyone has a story, don’t be afraid to share yours! Africa wrote her book to share her story and help others so they won’t go through the stuff that she did. Also, a lot of times people are afraid to be transparent because of judgment, however without being open, you don’t heal!


Africa Inspires me not only because she literally does everything I want to do and she does it well, but she also inspires me because in her book she is real about her journey. No fluffy sugar-coated writing but truth and wisdom. That is appreciated. If you want to purchase Step up, Step Out and Shine you can go here.

What ways are you being transparent in your life? Tell me and let’s talk about it!

XOXO, Arella

12 thoughts on “The Recap: Step up Step out and Shine

  1. this sounds like such an amazing event – love all of the takeaways you listed! definitely need to pick up this book and join the club! x

  2. I love love love book tours but I sincerely just cannot get over outfit matching her book! That is brand recognition! Let me know the next big event you go to in Chicago! I’d love to come along! 😍

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